It’s going to be a rant this week. We take family walks after dinner, and all along my street, we fully enjoy the large spaces between large apartment buildings. These ‘spaces’ where dogs run, children play (lots of Pokemon stops here); ‘spaces’ where one can soak in the sun in summer and throw snowballs in winter. ‘Spaces’ where cars can drive up the building entry rather than circle the block when picking up a friend. It’s these ‘spaces’ that make a city great.

 Sadly, at least 5 of these ‘spaces’ along with some lower density apartment buildings are  slated to become ~500 unit condos (that’s ~1500 units and no plans for more schools!)

 Don’t get me wrong, after living in NYC for 13 years, I prefer living with neighbours directly beside, below and above me. I enjoy the community and my son’s friends being able to have playdates just down the hall where I live now. BUT, “[t]he problem is that Toronto has spent the last two decades generally building bad condos.”

“First they’re not even a bit affordable. Toronto has so far not been able to use this to tie its condo boom to growth in affordable housing. An inclusionary zoning policy, as is used in places like New York City and Vancouver, requires developers to set aside a percentage of units of new condo project for affordable housing…[must READ MORE HERE ]

Toronto Stats this Past week

MLS activity from September 16 to 22 for residential properties: 

For sale:
Newly listed:
Condos for rent:


Compare the above to the week before from September 9 to 15 when there were 8,435 for sale, 1,968 newly listed, 463 sold. And yes, there are A LOT of condos for sale and for rent.


Just listed in Toronto within the last 24hrs 

:: 86 Houses under $950k :: 99 Houses $950k-$1.4M ::
:: 62 Houses $1.4M-$2M :: 58 Houses $2M+ ::

:: 100 Condos under $550k :: 100 Condos $550k-650k ::
:: 88 Condos $650k-750k :: 91 Condos $750k-$999k ::
:: 40 Condos $1M+ ::

:: 16 Under Power of Sale (GTA Foreclosures) :: 

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