It was early spring and I remember feeling disappointed at the results of a poll from one of my Facebook groups: An overwhelming majority of participants felt that this pandemic won’t be over until September 2020 (I optimistically voted sometime in July 2020 😳). My husband’s workplace originally stated that the office will be open in January 2020, but now talks will be spring or summer next year.

Well, we now have 2.5 months left for this year and recent headlines indicate that more than half of employees will remain working from home:

July is the new January: More companies delay return to the office [1]
Microsoft employees given option to work from home permanently [2]

In order to be productive in this new normal, you need to designate a dedicated space. And while you’re at it, you might as well make the space a stylish one. Here is an excellent article with creative ways you can carve out a bit more room for a home office:

27 Ways to create a Stylish Small Home Office

Even if you don’t have time to read, it’s worth a look. It’s got great photos that can help you spot out potential home office space in your current home or your next one.


Toronto Stats this Past week

MLS activity from October 7 to 13 for residential properties: 

↑ For Sale:


↑ Newly listed:




↑ For Rent:



Compare the above to the week before from September 29 to October 6 when there were 9,050 for sale, 1,974 newly listed, 489 sold & 12,324 for rent.


Just listed in Toronto within the last 24hrs


:: 58 Houses under $950k ::

:: 69 Houses $950k – $1.4M ::

:: 41 Houses $1.4M – $2M ::

:: 46 Houses $2M+ ::


:: 48 Condos under $500k ::

:: 74 Condos $500k – $600k ::

:: 61 Condos $600k – $700k ::

:: 60 Condos $700k – $900k ::

:: 50 Condos $900k+ ::

:: 15 GTA Foreclosures ::

(Email or call me directly for specific sold or off-market properties)

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