My neighbor is a lawyer who deals with workplace injuries and these cases include ergonomic injuries such as back pain as a result of not sitting correctly at the office. This presents an interesting case when employees are working from home working from laptops slouched over the dining room table since March. So does the employer pay for the physio visits when the employee develops lower back pack pain from working at home?

She pointed out that preventive measures such as providing employees an ergonomic chair or table would actually cost less than the health care costs of fixing an employee’s back pain later.


I certainly don’t need to added discomfort in my life, or become a hunchback (not sexy) and I’d assume the same goes for you.

Here are some good pointers to maintain healthy and happy body working from home:



  1. If you use a laptop, get an external keyboard or monitor – most versatile and space saving option is to get the keyboard the follow tip number 3.
  2. Sit with your elbows and knees at a 90-degree angle – get an adjustable office chair budget or $150-500
  3. Look straight ahead– I oftentimes prop my laptop on a shoebox to achieve this (this angle is also more flattering during zoom calls)
  4. Switch it up – change your work location and move around for 5 mins every 25 mins
  5. BONUS Use a wireless headset – a Bluetooth headset that connects to both your computer and phone does wonders.

Now is the time is now to review your work-at-home setup and make sure it’s ergonomically sound for your spinal health. The trouble and expense (if any) is well worth it. It will pay for itself by saving you on chiropractor treatments in the months and years to come. [1] For the full article, click HERE.

Toronto Stats this Past week

MLS activity from October 14 to 20 for residential properties:

 ↑ For Sale:


↓ Newly listed sales:


↑ Sold:


 ↑  For Rent:


Compare the above to the week before from October 7 to 13 when there were 9,286 for sale, 1,728 newly listed, 420 sold  & 12,664 for rent.

Just listed in Toronto within the last 24hrs

:: 45 Houses under $950k ::
:: 64 Houses $950k – $1.4M ::
:: 28 Houses $1.4M – $2M ::
:: 33 Houses $2M+ ::

 :: 58 Condos under $500k ::
:: 61 Condos $500k – $600k ::
:: 54 Condos $600k – $700k ::
:: 48 Condos $700k – $900k ::
:: 39 Condos $900k+ ::
:: 13 GTA Foreclosures ::

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