For many (myself included), Google is now The Oracle for all questions great and small. I Most often, google recipes for random items in my pantry when I want to make something new.


But lately, there has been was a surge of Goggle-search activity from Canadians for the question, “Should I buy a house?” This question peaked in activity in April, the month after record home sales and then again in June. [1]


Does It Mean Anything For Sales?


The two appear to be related…an increase in the search term has been followed by a tapering of home sales shortly after. It tends to mark the peak of activity, right before sales fall. [1]


So, should you buy a house?


Well, the better question to ask is, “Should i buy a house, now or later?”


The best answer I’ve heard is, “Yesterday.” (Case in point: So if you bought something in Canada for $800k last year, it would likely be worth closer to $1.1M right now)


And since yesterday is no longer a viable option, the next best answer is “Today.”




Toronto Stats this Past week


MLS activity from July 7 to 13 for residential properties:


↑ For Sale:


↑ Newly Listed:


↑ Sold:


↓For Rent:



Compare the above to the week before from June 30 to July 6 when there were 5,477 for sale, 1,094 newly listed, 349 sold  & 6,170 for rent.




Today’s newest listings




Under $950k $950k to $1.2M $1.2M to $1.6M
$1.6M to $2M $2M to 3M Over $3M 




Under $500k $500k to $600k $600k to $700k
$700k to $800k $800k to $1M Over $1M




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