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Category: Real Estate

Toronto Homes for $1.00

When describing the Toronto Real Estate market, I’ve often used the analogy that purchasing a residential property here is like eBay: When a seller lists their item for $1, they get more offers, sell at a higher price in a shorter amount of time than if they listed it at the price they would like to actually sell it at.

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World’s First Digital House Sold Over $650,000

If you’re having trouble buying a Toronto condo with an average sales price of $612,341 [1], then would you consider buying a Digital House for that price range? Let’s just move just beyond the traditional real estate market here, as I am sure you’re just as fatigued as I am about hearing the same news about this crazy market week after week since 2021 started.

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Where are Buyers Getting the Money to Buy a House Nowadays?

second family room & games from, etc.) in Vancouver for about $200k. The average Canadian household income in 1988 was $56,366 [1]. Hence, my parents’ house in 1988 would cost 3.5% of a regular family income.

In 2021, these houses in the same subdivision are well over $2M, and the Canadian household income today is approximately $90k. [2] Hence, that same house in 2021 would cost well over 22.2% of a regular family income.

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