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Category: Real Estate

Top 5 Things Toronto Homebuyers are Looking For

I’ve been speaking and advising with investors or down-sizers who want to purchase a condo downtown, what’s often top of their wish list is to have something by the lakeshore, or facing south with water views. Did you know that “Waterfront” was by far the most searched for keyword on Realtor .ca and “Pool” was not even a close second? Here are the 5 most searched for keywords on Realtor .ca…

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Toronto Homes for $1.00

When describing the Toronto Real Estate market, I’ve often used the analogy that purchasing a residential property here is like eBay: When a seller lists their item for $1, they get more offers, sell at a higher price in a shorter amount of time than if they listed it at the price they would like to actually sell it at.

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World’s First Digital House Sold Over $650,000

If you’re having trouble buying a Toronto condo with an average sales price of $612,341 [1], then would you consider buying a Digital House for that price range? Let’s just move just beyond the traditional real estate market here, as I am sure you’re just as fatigued as I am about hearing the same news about this crazy market week after week since 2021 started.

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